GWL Outdoor Learning


Students Learning Outdoors

Faculty, staff and students all over the North Shore Schools have begun taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and are participating in many activities outside at each of our campuses including teaching and learning, snack and/or lunch, wellness activities, and physical education. 

Thanks to our hard-working custodians, maroon and white canopies have been set up at each of our school buildings for our students to engage in outdoor learning. In addition, faculty and staff are utilizing our amphitheaters, outdoor classrooms, and encouraging their classes to grab a chair or sit on the grass so that they can get out of their buildings for some fresh air. While the weather permits, our students are outside reading and writing, practicing math, learning foreign languages, being scientists, playing their instruments, drawing in art class, utilizing their chromebooks, participating in physical education, and much more!

At the high school, white circles have been drawn six feet apart on the grounds so that students can socially distance. Thanks to our parent organizations, portable cushions and mats were donated to our schools so that our students can sit outdoors more comfortably.

At all, of our schools, our faculty and staff continue to remind everyone to wear their masks when they cannot be six feet apart, wash their hands, and remain socially distanced in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

Let us hope that this beautiful weather lasts so that everyone at the North Shore Schools can continue getting outside for much more teaching, learning, and fun! 

Article and photos by Shelly Newman