North Shore Middle School Orientation 2020-21

Principal Rob Dennis and Assistant Principal Brendan Nelson welcomed all of the North Shore Middle School 6th-8th graders during the week of August 30, 2020. To begin orientation, students were happily greeted by the middle school administrators, counseling department, faculty, staff, and Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo. Before entering the building, COVID-19 guidelines were being followed as temperature checks were immediately taken, all those in attendance visibly wore masks, social distancing was encouraged, and hand sanitizer was readily available. It was an exciting time for everyone, especially the sixth graders, as they met their new principal and assistant principal, saw their old friends, and were introduced to new peers from the other two elementary schools.

Principal Dennis Principal Dennis expressed how thrilled he was to see everyone after so many months apart. He reiterated the school ethos, Everyone Matters, Everyone Cares, Everyone Learns (E3), and reassured his students that, “North Shore Middle School is a place where everyone feels that they matter, where everyone takes the time to care about the individual needs of others, and where everyone feels safe and inspired to learn.”

Especially now, Principal Dennis and all of the faculty and staff reconfirmed and reassured their students that while the middle school might look a little different than years prior, a lot of new measures were being put into place to keep everyone safe. Principal Dennis expressed that it was going to be a wonderful year of learning and opportunities for all of his students. Particularly for the sixth graders, Principal Dennis explained their team colors and schedules as well as highlighted the tremendous amount of prospects at North Shore Middle School including exciting and challenging courses and expanded social circles.

During the orientation, the North Shore Middle School Counseling Department was available to assist all of the grade levels. Students took small group tours of the building and had the opportunity to see their classrooms, ask important questions, and participate in fun meet and greet games!

Additionally, the Middle School PTSO was available with many North Shore items including shirts and hats, as well as boxes of school supplies. We wish all of the North Shore Middle School students the best of luck in 2020-21!


Article and photos by Shelly Newman