MS Welcome Back!


Welcome Back Middle Schoolers!

On Thursday morning, September 10th, middle schoolers were greeted by Principal Robert Dennis along with Assistant Principal Brendan Nelson and all of the faculty and staff of North Shore Middle School.

Upon entering the building, COVID-19 guidelines were followed as faculty and staff helped students with temperature checks and the new hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances. All those in attendance visibly wore masks, practiced social distancing as new COVID-19 signage was placed on the walls and floors of the building, and washed their hands throughout the day.

All of the students eagerly said hello to their new and old friends as they checked their schedules, looked for their classrooms, and met their teachers for their first day of classes. Different from previous years, the middle schoolers will be remaining in one classroom while their teachers rotate at the end of each period! 

Thank you to Principal Rob Dennis and all of the administration, faculty, staff, and MS PTSO for all of your preparation, hard work, and amazing “Welcome Back” lawn signage. We also want to say greetings to all of the North Shore distance learners who were welcomed virtually on the first day of classes. It is going to be a memorable school year! Best of luck to everyone as you begin the 2020-21 school year!

Article by Shelly Newman
Photos by Adrienne Daley