SC Welcome Back!


Principal Mrs. Jeanette Wojcik Welcomes Back Sea Cliff Students!                                              

On Thursday, September 10th, the laughter of students could be heard in the hallways and classrooms as Principal Mrs. Jeanette Wojcik along with all of the faculty and staff warmly welcomed the students to the 2020-21 school year. Standing under a “Welcome Back” sign hanging in front of Sea Cliff School, Principal Wojcik greeted her students and their families on this rainy first day!

As the students entered the building, COVID-19 guidelines were followed while faculty and staff helped them with temperature checks and the new hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances. All those in attendance visibly wore masks, practiced social distancing as new COVID-19 signage was placed on the walls and floors of the building, and washed their hands throughout the day.

You could feel the Sea Cliff spirit as all of the students met up with their friends and enjoyed being back in class after so many months at home. It was a wonderful day back as the students settled into their new classrooms, listened to their teachers talk about what they would be learning this school year, and unpacked their boxes of supplies. Principal Wojcik went into all of the classrooms and said hello! Additionally, students were able to enjoy their snacks and have mask breaks. Weather permitting, everyone will go outside for fresh air and participate in learning, physical education, and outdoor play

Thank you to Principal Wojcik and all of the administration, faculty, staff, and SC PCA for all of their preparation and hard work. It was a smooth first day of classes. Best of luck to everyone at Sea Cliff in the new school year!

Article by Shelly Newman
Photos by Adrienne Daley