Glen Head First Graders Learn All About Astronomy and Space

In February 2021, first graders at Glen Head School experienced a special treat as they began their Astronomy Unit of study. Their teachers surprised them by turning their desks into colorful rocket ships!

During February and March, students are going to spend weeks learning about Astronomy and the following topics including:

  • The Daytime and Night Time Skies
  • The Sun and the Earth
  • How Shadows Change During the Day?
  • Temperature and Shadows
  • The Earth’s Rotation Around the Sun
  • Revolution and Seasons
  • The Moon and Stars
  • Different Patterns and Phases of the Moon
  • Space and Space Travel
  • Famous Astronauts including Neil Armstrong

The young Glen Head students will study and read all about each of these topics and much, much more! As they look up into the blue sky, they will learn about the differences between daylight and nighttime. They will study the sun and the earth’s revolution around the sun and ¬†discuss our various seasons. They will learn about what types of weather exist in the various seasons and when they need to wear their winter jackets or put on their bathing suits in the warmer months!

But, that’s not all! The first graders will learn about the moon and stars and study the different phases and patterns of the moon as well as its orbits. Our students will be able to look up into the sky at night and see whether and why there is a full moon or a crescent moon. Additionally, they will learn about the different planets and galaxy. In class, they will also be reading many books and watching exciting videos on astronomy and space travel. They will see and learn about famous American astronauts including Neil Armstrong, who flew to the moon in a rocket ship and was the first man to walk on the moon!

As your children learn all about these exciting topics on Astronomy, please ask them questions. You will be pleased to learn how much they have researched and studied during late February and March. It will be fun and educational for everyone!

Stay tuned, as Glen Head first graders will participate in a sensational culmination at the conclusion of this comprehensive Astronomy Unit! 

Article and photos by Shelly Newman