Native American Territory

GWL Virtual Journeys into Native American Territory
As part of the Native American unit of the fourth grade curriculum, students at Glenwood Landing participated in an educational alternate learning experience (ALE) called Journeys Into Indian Territory

In December 2020, fourth graders got a special treat as their teachers logged into a series of virtual video presentations including a Museum and Longhouse presentation, a Longhouse 360 degree interactive tour, and a Haudenosaunee Government lesson. The Haudenosaunee, or “people of the longhouse,” commonly referred to as Iroquois or Six Nations, were members of a confederacy. As a gathering of all the Chiefs from all nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Grand Council was the world's oldest representative democracy.

The GWL students were able to watch and learn via the Smartboards in their respective classrooms. In addition, students who are home virtual learners were also able to join in and explore the components of this expressive culture of the Native People of the Eastern Woodlands and Plains thanks to Mrs. Audra Marcantonio, School-Wide Enrichment Services teacher.    

But, that’s not all! On day two, the GWL fourth grade classes zoomed into three live presentations led by Ms. Maddi and Mr. Bob that were followed by fun and stimulating authentic activities. The live presentations included a Story and Game Presentation as well as a Native American Symbol Project. Students were then able to play a game offline from each individual student desk via Powerpoint and later in the day create their own unique symbols! In addition, the ALE Journeys Into Native American Territory lessons culminated with an informative question and answer session.

Mrs. Marcantonio said, "Our students were highly engaged in this virtual experience, deepening their understanding of Native Americans of New York and how they lived long ago. History was brought to life through these engaging storytellers, their hands-on resources, and various collaborative activities students completed safely in their classrooms."

A special thank you goes out to the SCA who sponsored this interactive, hands-on educational program for the fourth graders of Glenwood Landing School. Additionally, thank you to all of the fourth grade teachers who helped facilitate this wonderful virtual learning experience.
Article by Shelly Newman Photos by Shelly Newman and GWL teachers