BOE Committee Positions Available

Board of Education Committee Positions Available  

BOE Accepting Volunteers for Committees including the Audit, Construction Steering, & Legislative Action (LAC) Committees.

The North Shore Board of Education is seeking community members to volunteer their time and join one of three of the following committees including the Audit, Construction Steering, or Legislative Action (LAC) Committees. These committees report directly to the Board of Education where Trustees can benefit from the expertise of our community members.

How to apply?

Please pick up an application at the Central Office located at 112 Franklin Avenue, Sea Cliff, New York 11579 or online at  in the Board of Education section (or below). Upon completion, bring your application(s) to the Central Office or email them to Betty Ciampi at  

When is the application deadline?

All applications are due Monday, October 21, 2019.

The Audit Committee
The Audit Committee was established by the School Board to oversee the
annual independent audits of the District’s records. The committee shall
recommend the selection of the independent and internal auditors and
continue a thorough review of significant internal and external audit findings The Board is looking for two highly qualified candidates to work with the Board and auditors to review the financial standing of the North Shore Schools. The Audit Committee meets four times a year on Thursday evenings.

The Construction Steering Committee
The Construction Steering Committee oversees the District’s ongoing construction projects and state of our infrastructure along with the professional staff. This committee coordinates the review of and plan for District facilities, capital projects, and technology integration necessary to support the teaching and learning process. The Board is looking for two highly qualified community residents with experience in related fields to join the Construction Steering Committee. It meets monthly in the morning for approximately an hour.



The Legislative Action (LAC) Committee

LAC was established as a Citizen’s Advisory Committee of the Board for the purpose of researching, proposing, and executing approved advocacy approaches to legislative matters that have a direct bearing on fiscal or educational aspects of the North Shore Central School District. Trustees are looking for one qualified resident who can communicate with community members via a number of ways including letters, emails, school events, meetings, and community groups. It generally meets monthly on Wednesday evenings.

Please remember the deadline for all applications is Monday, October 21, 2019. Upon completion, bring your application(s) to the Central Office or email them to Betty Ciampi at by October 21, 2019.

Audit Committee Application
Construction Steering Committee Application
Legislative Action Committee Application