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    The North Shore Middle School STEM Department

Ms. Amy DiMeola

Math & Science Teacher Leader



The Middle School STEM department includes coursework in the areas of mathematics, science, and technology/engineering.  Students engage in thoughtful and well-rounded experiences in these subject areas as they deepen their abilities as mathematicians, scientists, and engineers through the lens of our Shared Values.  By approaching their work as thinkers, communicators, collaborators, innovators, problem solvers, and committed individuals, they have the opportunity to dive beyond the content and cultivate a richer appreciation of the STEM disciplines.

We challenge students at North Shore Middle School with a rich and rigorous curriculum, and aim to offer all students the opportunity to take Regents level courses in Algebra and Living Environment in eighth grade.

In addition to core course experiences, our teachers have pioneered a robust selection of elective and enrichment coursework designed to further develop our students as thinkers in each of these disciplines. 

The STEM department is dedicated to supporting students at all levels and stages of their respective learning trajectories, and strives to meet the interests and needs of all individual learners.

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