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Our mission is to nurture and enrich our students' natural delight in learning and in the powers of mind and body.

Each child's awakening into confident young adulthood requires guided engagement with vital ideas and events of the past to realize fresh possibilities and discoveries for the future.  | We aspire to foster in our students those qualities of character consonant with the ideals of a democratic society. We are committed to reaching beyond routine expectations in a learning environment that encourages inquiry and builds its daily practice upon respect for oneself and others.

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2/2: Superintendent Initial Budget Presentation (virtual), 7:45 PM
2/2: Presentación del Presupuesto Inicial, del Superintendente (virtual), 7:45 PM
2/6: MS Masquers Present Emma Jr (livestream), 2 PM and 7 PM
2/15-2/19: Schools Closed
2/25: BOE Budget Review, 7:45 PM
2/25: Reunión de Presupuesto, 7:45 PM


60 Cody Avenue
Glen Head, NY 11545

Glenwood Landing Attendance Office - Donna Jean Welch

Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo EMAIL
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Christopher Zublionis EMAIL
Assistant Superintendent for Business Ms. Olivia Buatsi EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Betty Ciampi EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Sophia Kulikowsky EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Lois Straber EMAIL
  Principal Ms. Bridget Finder EMAIL
  Main Office Secretary Antonella Sarno EMAIL
  Main Office Secretary Yvette D'Amico EMAIL
  Computer Technology  Mr. Elliot Kaye EMAIL
  Counseling Mr. Daniel Doherty EMAIL
  Elementary Humanities Ms. Devra Small EMAIL
  Elementary STEM Dr. Carol Smyth EMAIL
  Fine & Performing Arts Ms. Dalia Rodriguez EMAIL
  Physical Education Mr. Don Lang EMAIL
  Public Relations Ms. Shelly Newman EMAIL
  Special Education Mr. Christopher Marino EMAIL
  World Languages & ENL Ms. Ana Aguiar-Mady EMAIL

    Arlistico, Erika EMAIL
    Bailey, Debbie EMAIL
    Barry, Patti EMAIL
    Baulch Erin EMAIL
    Bierwiler, Kelly EMAIL
    Blake, Richard EMAIL
    Bridgwood, Ryan EMAIL
    Bubloski, Kathy  
    Burgos, Linda EMAIL
    Burmeister, Sue EMAIL
    Cano, Jill EMAIL
    Capobianco, Diane EMAIL
    Carpenter, Kevin EMAIL
    Carr, Stephen EMAIL
    Cascella,  Xian Xian EMAIL
    Chaputian, Jennifer EMAIL
    Chen, Janet EMAIL
    Cinelli, Callie EMAIL
    Colella Angela EMAIL
    Colon, Patricia EMAIL
    Coppola, Lisa EMAIL
    Curiale, Renee EMAIL
    D'Aconti, Maria EMAIL
    D’Angelo, Torrey EMAIL
    D'Amico, Yvette EMAIL
    DeSimone, Jennifer EMAIL
    DiPreta, Carolyn EMAIL
    Donnelly, Stephanie EMAIL
    Doyle, Tom EMAIL
    Edelstein, Rebecca EMAIL
    Edwards, Keryn EMAIL
    Esposito, Nicole EMAIL
    Falco, Pat EMAIL
    Gatti, Dominic EMAIL
    Geigle, Robyn EMAIL
    Giorgianni, Kerri EMAIL
    Goodstone, Liz EMAIL
    Grassi, Kathleen EMAIL
    Greenfield, Rebecca EMAIL
    Greggo, Barbara EMAIL
    Hasselmann, Colleen EMAIL
    Hecker, Amelia EMAIL
    Hehn, Mary EMAIL
    Hortsmann, Caryn EMAIL
    Huang, Wei EMAIL
    Inzerillo, Rosemarie EMAIL
    Kaye, Adrien EMAIL
    Kersten, Barbara EMAIL
    Kingsley, Christine EMAIL
    Klein, Jenna EMAIL
    Larson, Jodie EMAIL
    Lavey, Bianca EMAIL
    Ledden, Lisa EMAIL
    Leggett, Corrine  
    Leitao, Monica EMAIL
    Leonard, Karen EMAIL
    Levine, Linda  
    Liechtung, Gila EMAIL
    Lyons, Rory EMAIL
    Mantikas, Eleni EMAIL
    Mack, Stephanie EMAIL
    Marcantonio, Audra EMAIL
    Matalon, Brittany EMAIL
    Matarese, Jen EMAIL
    Mayo, Tracy EMAIL
    Mazzocchi, Liz EMAIL
    McDonagh, Kerri EMAIL
    McIntosh, Don EMAIL
    McKean, Ryan EMAIL
    Minicozzi, Debbie EMAIL
    Moran, Lauren


    Morrocu, Grace EMAIL
    Mueller, Amy EMAIL
    Muff, Elaine EMAIL
    Mulvey, Melissa EMAIL
    Nigoghossian, Gia EMAIL
    Novick, Deborah EMAIL
    Onufrock, Linda EMAIL
    O'Shea, Ariel EMAIL
    Ottosen, Jill EMAIL
    Papa, Frank EMAIL
    Parrett Dawn EMAIL
    Perez, Jim EMAIL
    Perrotta, Jennifer EMAIL
    Phelan, Sarah EMAIL
    Purpura, Christine EMAIL
    Qadir, Chris EMAIL
    Quenzer, Christine EMAIL
    Rizzotti, Christina EMAIL
    Rybecky, Valeri EMAIL
    Saber, Carmela EMAIL
    Sarno, Antonella EMAIL
    Shay Scott, Margaret EMAIL
    Skaee, Darlene EMAIL
    Skillmore, Kathleen  
    Smith, Stephanie EMAIL
    Sondo, Jeannette EMAIL
    Stevens, Jacqueline EMAIL
    Stevens, Sarah EMAIL
    Viola, Rachel EMAIL
    Walsh, Jennifer EMAIL
    Webber, Kathleen EMAIL
    Welch, Donna Jean EMAIL
    Wolin, Janice EMAIL