Online Learning

North Shore Online Learning During School Closure

Dear North Shore Families,

We hope you are well and safe in this challenging time.  I wanted to communicate with you about North Shore’s overall approach to online learning as our schools are closed for the next two weeks. Please note that your individual principals will be sending you emails about specific approaches in each school building.

One Platform – Google Classroom
We will be using Google Classroom for all North Shore classes, for the continuity of student learning with your child’s teacher(s).
While some students may already be using Google Classroom or may see materials posted or communications from teachers in their Google Classroom(s), we are ensuring that all students can begin accessing their courses in Google Classroom by Wednesday, 3/18 at the latest. 
However, actual distance learning through Google Classroom will not officially begin until Friday, 3/20. Assignments will not be “due” until after that day. This will ensure time for technology, log-in and access troubleshooting for students and the completion of initial modules of study design for teachers.  
This Week  – What Your Child Can Do To Engage and Explore Before Friday
In the meantime, before our formal distance learning plan begins, students can follow the sample work from home schedules emailed from their principals or following a schedule such as: this sample schedule: .

Secondary students can take a free online course from a prestigious university for free at . Elementary students can also engage in the activities available in our Learning-At-Home Folders located at: .  

Google Classroom – Access and Use
Please see the information below as well as the question and answer section at the very bottom of this email for questions about Google Classroom. 
At this point, all students in the North Shore Schools have a Google Classroom log in. 
You can log into your child’s google account dashboard by going to: entering their North Shore google email address and password.
Then, scroll over the waffle (apps icon)      in the upper right corner of the screen and click on “Classroom.”

By Wednesday, 3/18 at 9:00 a.m., all of your child’s course’s will be listed in their Google Classroom portal.  It will look something like the image below.

Your child should join/accept each classroom on their class and then they will have access.  The work is asynchronous and can be done at any time during the week.  Therefore, a family only needs one computer or mobile device. 

Please check out this simple Google Classroom tutorial:
Please also feel free to contact me directly at .


Christopher R. Zublionis, Ed. D
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Questions and Answers
What is the expectation for completing and turning in work?
Work should be turned in for each module by the end of the week as specified by the teacher. We are stressing a flexible, week-long approach to due dates, with an emphasis on feedback and engagement to continue student growth.

Can I email my teacher and principal with questions about online learning? 
Yes. but for technical support, we recommend contacting Dr. Zublionis at or the district technology director, Elliot Kaye at .

Will 5th graders have their Chromebooks at home? 
Yes, 5th grade Chromebooks will be delivered by North Shore CSD Transportation to homes on Tuesday, 3/17 (Sea Cliff: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.; Glenwood Landing: 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.; Glen Head: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) .

Will I have virtual face to face instruction with my teacher?
Some teachers will be offering open extra help sessions and check in sessions through Zoom and Google Meet.  They must be recorded and posted on the Google Classroom in case a student is not able to make the specific meeting time.  We do not yet know if this will become a formalized means of instruction but we will update the faculty and community as soon as we have direction from the New York State Education Department and Dr. Giarrizzo.

Do I need more than one device for my children?
No. While we recommend that you establish a schedule for your children, you do not need to be online at a certain time and therefore can share one device. 

What will happen if we are closed for more than two weeks?
Dr. Giarrizzo will notify you in the event that we need to close for more than two weeks. If that is the case, we will continue with our Google Classroom approach and may add virtual face to face opportunities.  If that occurred, we would create a schedule so that parents and teachers would not have conflicts and so you would continue to only need one device.