• Welcome To Sea Cliff School!

Welcome Back Sea Cliff!

On Wednesday, September 6th, the laughter of students could be heard in the hallways and classrooms as Principal ...



Playground & Popsicles

On September 7th, the Sea Cliff PCA welcomed the new kindergarteners and their families to the Annual Playground and Popsicles event.




Sea Cliff students showcased their science, technology, engineering, art, and math knowledge in the 2017 S.T.E.A.M Fair.




Dr. Christopher Zublionis

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First Day of Classes Begin Wednesday, 9/6

    - Half Day for Elementary Students, Dismissal 11:40 AM

Second Day of Classes, 9/7

     - Half Day for Elementary Students, Dismissal 11:40 AM

Elementary Back-to-School Night, 9/19

Schools Closed, 9/21 & 9/22


280 Carpenter Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579
  Superintendent for Instruction Mr. Robert Chlebicki EMAIL
  Assistant Superintendent for Business Ms. Olivia Buatsi EMAIL
  Central Office Secretary Betty Ciampi EMAIL
  Central Office Secretary Joan Gargano EMAIL
  Central Office Secretary Lois Straber EMAIL
  Principal Dr. Christopher Zublionis EMAIL
  Main Office Secretary Candy Capobianco EMAIL
  Main Office Secretary Liz Howell EMAIL

  Computer Technology ┬áMr. Elliot Kaye EMAIL
  Elementary Humanities Ms. Devra Small EMAIL
  Elementary STEM Dr. Carol Smyth EMAIL
  Fine & Performing Arts Ms. Dalia Rodriguez EMAIL

Foreign Language


Ms. Linda Binion EMAIL
  Physical Education Mr. Don Lang EMAIL
  Public Relations Ms. Shelly Newman EMAIL
  Special Education Mr. Thomas Korb EMAIL

    Adelglass, Danielle EMAIL
    Arena, Doug EMAIL
    Bader, Victoria EMAIL
    Brottenberg, Dawn EMAIL
    Callahan, Michelle EMAIL
    Capobianco, Candy EMAIL
    Cascellea, Xian Xian EMAIL
    Cherry, Meredith EMAIL
    Considine, Bob EMAIL
    Cooper, Rozi EMAIL
    Coulehan, Marissa EMAIL
    Cunneen, Kim EMAIL
    Dahl, Dorian EMAIL
    Daley, Lissa EMAIL
    DeFeo, Lindsay EMAIL
    Demeo, Karin EMAIL
    DeNicola, Craig EMAIL
    Desmond, Linda EMAIL
    Dowd, Melissa EMAIL
    Farrell, Mary EMAIL
    Gilroy, Amy EMAIL
    Giurlanda, Lisa EMAIL
    Glickman, Julie EMAIL
    Goetz, Therese EMAIL
    Guidotti, Wendy EMAIL
    Haas, Kevin EMAIL
    Hassani, Mojdeh EMAIL
    Hassett, Ashley EMAIL
    Helig, Peter EMAIL
    Hill, Jason EMAIL
    Hill, Mary EMAIL
    Howell, Elizabeth EMAIL
    Huang, Wei EMAIL
    Kaye, Adrien EMAIL
    Ketcham, Gary EMAIL
    Kranz, Michelle EMAIL
    Krupin, Diane EMAIL
    Kushel, Eylse EMAIL
    Lamberti, Maureen EMAIL
    Langenbach, Lauren EMAIL
    Lanzilotta, Joyce EMAIL
    Larson, Jodie EMAIL
    Lawatsch, Beth EMAIL
    Levy, Melissa EMAIL
    Liberman, Heather EMAIL
    Loschiavo, Pam EMAIL
    Makowski, Arlene EMAIL
    Marteena, Chiovan EMAIL
    Mazur, Jennifer EMAIL
    Mazza, Marie EMAIL
    McAssey, Meredith EMAIL
    McCormack, Megan EMAIL
    McGovern, Jennifer EMAIL
    Mihopulos, Mark EMAIL
    Morley, Erin EMAIL
    O'Donnell, Jean Marie EMAIL
    O'Keefe, Kim EMAIL
    Olsen, Sabina EMAIL
    Onufrock, Lina EMAIL
    Pantaleo, Rita EMAIL
    Pasi-Knox, Diane EMAIL
    Pipala, Elizabeth EMAIL
    Raguso, Carmella EMAIL
    Resnick, Rachel EMAIL
    Rizzo, Audra EMAIL
    Rizzo, Joe EMAIL
    Roberts, Arlene EMAIL
    Robertson, Kerry EMAIL
    Robles, Roxsi EMAIL
    Rosen, Dahlia EMAIL
    Schlesinger, Caryn EMAIL
    Schulz, Andrea EMAIL
    Schultz,David EMAIL
    Shields, Shannon EMAIL
    Tanner, Michelle EMAIL
    Terranova, Gia EMAIL
    Uanino, Julie Ann EMAIL
    Victoria, Pat EMAIL
    Wainer, Isabelle EMAIL
    Waring, Lynda EMAIL
    Warner, Pat EMAIL
    Weiner, Melissa EMAIL
    Weingust, Lori EMAIL
    Wenz, Karen EMAIL
    Zidel, Marnie EMAIL
    Dima, Lilah EMAIL

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